Yoga for Everyday Life

The work we do on our mats translates to our lives off of the mat. Yoga is beyond just a physical practice, it is a path to greater self-awareness, compassion, and mindful living. Practice accessible, all level classes that allow you to connect to your body and mind.

Yoga Class STyles

Prenatal Yoga

Open to all stages of pregnancy, this class is a safe space to explore the body while connecting with baby, breath, and movement. Through practicing a variety of gentle and active postures, prenatal yoga can be a way to relax and unwind, build strength, endurance and flexibility, while providing the tools to help during labour, birth and beyond.

Vinyasa Flow

In this dynamic and energetic class we build strength, flexibility, and self-awareness. Vinyasa practice is based on the principle of aligning breath with movement, flowing through a range of varying yoga exercises and postures. An excellent option for students looking for greater variety, exploration and experimentation within Asana practice.

Restorative Yoga

Slow and therapeutic, this practice combines supported postures with conscious breath, relaxation and techniques to still and calm the body and mind. Feeling supported through the use of props and staying in poses for longer periods of time, the body and mind can relax deeply allowing healing to happen on many levels.

Postnatal Yoga

In this class you have the option to practice with baby, or to practice on your own for some much needed self-care time. Designed with the postpartum mama in mind, it offers safe movements and modifications for post labour to help heal the body. Come meet some other mamas, stretch and strengthen your body, alleviate tension, and reduce postpartum stress. Feel your best and recover as you navigate life as a new mama.

Hatha or Slow Flow

A slower paced flow that builds strength and flexibility, with focus on mindful alignment, breath, and meditation. Feel empowered in your own embodied expression as you move through a dynamic, yet relaxing experience, balancing effort with ease. Different themes and elements will be weaved in each class to guide you into a state of deeper connection, vitality and presence. Great for those new to yoga.

Yin Yoga

A slow paced class, yin yoga is a wonderful complement to an active practice. It targets the deeper tissues of the body (tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, deep fascial network, bones) in a way that applies a healthy amount of stress to allow these tissues to strengthen and grow. This allows for greater mobility and stability. Poses are held for an ample amount of time, with no force applied, adding a meditative quality to the practice.

Connecting Movement
and Breath

Yoga's incorporation of meditation and breathing can help improve a person's physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, and can sharpen concentration.

Our Yoga Offerings

Whether you're completely new to the practice, recovering from an injury, or 30 weeks pregnant, our classes are designed to accommodate your unique yoga journey. 

Some of the many benefits of yoga include: improvement of overall health, reduction of stress and anxiety, increases strength and flexibility, improves postural alignment, increases ease of breathing, assists in weight loss, expands mind-body awareness, improves levels of energy and vitality, inspires a healthy lifestyle, encourages self-exploration and transformation, and the list goes on!

We understand that life happens and budgets can stop us from receiving the healing that we need most, that is why compassionate pricing is also available for many of our services. All you have to do is send us a message, and we'll take it from there!

Public Classes

Connect with others in your community as you move.
Cost varies per class
Attend and enjoy our unique
events, workshops or classes
Compassionate Pricing Available

Private Yoga

One-on-one sessions catered to your needs.
Virtual Session – $60 / HR
In-Person Session – $100 / HR
One-on-one or groups welcomed
Compassionate Pricing Available

Corporate Yoga

Let your team enjoy the benefits of yoga from the office.
Virtual Session – $100 / HR
In-Person Session – $140 / HR
Available for Corporate Events
Compassionate Pricing Available

From Clients with Love

Our goal is to be able to support the people in our communities and lives, by providing them the tools to enrich their health and well-being. We are so grateful for the clients we have worked with and continue to work with.

Here are some sweet words of love:


I’ve had the pleasure of attending several of Cachelle’s yoga classes. She has a welcoming and calming energy, and holds space for your practice to be what you need in the moment. I really enjoy her classes; posture changes always come right at the perfect moment, and I always leave her classes feeling great. 

 I also attended Collective Being’s level 1 Reiki course, taught by Cachelle. She has a great way of explaining abstract concepts and encouraging you to open up to different ways of being and seeing the world. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would definitely work with her again.
- Mark D.
I first met Cache two years ago at a new yoga studio I joined. She quickly became my favourite yoga instructor and I loved how her flows focused on holistic strength training for my body, mind and soul. March 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic posed huge challenges when it came to being able to practice yoga in a studio setting, but Cache created innovative ways for us to continue to advance my practice together. 

 Since April 2020, Cache has been facilitating private 1:1 yoga classes with me twice a week via zoom and I love how every yoga class is completely personalized to how I'm feeling that day. Not only has she single handedly eliminated my lower back pain with her amazing understanding of human anatomy, she's also allowed me to further advance my practice; taking on new goals and celebrating past achievements, all while filling me up with self love and light that carries me well into our next class. Highly recommend this one in a million woman if you're looking for a new (or first) yoga instructor!
- Marissa S.
Lynn has a soothing voice and calm mannerism, while making the class still challenging and uplifting! The right amount of flow, bookended by restorative poses. Lynn shares eloquent insights on the mind, body and spirit.
- Anonymous

Move with Us!

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