Healing with Reiki

Reiki has as a Japanese origin and is considered to be a metaphysical form of healing. This technique is used for healing and stress reduction while promoting relaxation and surrender. 

Private Reiki Treatments

In a treatment, the practitioner channels life force energy through you using various hands-on and hands-off techniques that activates innate healing, while calming the mind, body and soul. Reiki heals the flowing through the affected parts of the energy field, charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibrations of the energy field in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This form of healing allows for stagnant energy to be released, which may manifest in the body as physical or emotional ailments. 

Reiki allows release, rest and an opportunity to recharge, and may show up as a meditative experience as well. Every session is unique, so it is best to come open-minded and willing to receive.

Course Offerings and Certifications

Reiki Level One Certification

In this course we learn what Reiki is, how it flows, the history of Reiki, the benefits of using it, and its relationship to the chakra system. You will receive an attunement to allow the Reiki energy to flow within you. Together, we will practice hand placements and techniques, while tapping into the art of intuitive healing. You will also learn different techniques to clear energy, including how to clear energy from rooms. This course is 6-8 hours in total.

Reiki Level Two Certification

The second degree focuses on distance healing and learning the Reiki symbols, while continuing to learn various healing techniques. You will receive your second attunement after this course. We look at additions to your Reiki sessions such as crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and sound healing. We also dive deeper into working as an energy practitioner, from a person and business stand point. This course is 6-8 hours.

Reiki Master Certification

This degree will teach you how to attune others to the Reiki energy system, while practicing and putting together all that we've learned in levels 1 and 2. We discuss options on how to teach Reiki, learn the Master symbol, and practice and learn how to attune others. We will also continue the discussion around how to work mindfully as a Reiki Master Practitioner. This course is 8-10 hours and may be separated into two sessions.

Our Reiki Offerings

Whether you're looking to experience your first reiki treatment, or looking to complete your training and certification, we have many offerings available online or in-person. 

We understand that life happens and budgets can stop us from receiving the healing that we need most, that is why compassionate pricing is also available for many of our services. All you have to do is send us a message, and we'll take it from there!

Virtual Treatment

A healing session from the comfort of your own home
First treatment: $150 / 75 min.
Follow-up: $120 / 60 min.
Follow-up: $90 / 45 min.
Follow-up: $60 / 30 min.
Compassionate Pricing Available

In-Person Treatment

Receive hands-on treatments, with crystal therapy, sound and aromatherapy
First treatment:$150 / 75 min.
Follow-up: $120 / 60 min.
Follow-up: $90 / 45 min.
Follow-up: $60 / 30 min.
Compassionate Pricing Available

Course Offerings

Attend classes virtually or in-person, option for private course offerings
Reiki Level One $295
Reiki Level Two $365
Reiki Level Three $495
Private Sessions Available
Compassionate Pricing Available

Release and Recharge

Sometimes a release of emotions can occur and tears will flow, irritation might appear or there may be a laugh of relief, or the recipient may fall asleep. Reiki will work in whatever way the recipient needs it most. 

Love from past students:


Cachelle and Lynn are a magical team. I have attended their courses, classes, and workshops. They create such a safe environment for their students, you're just so relaxed sometimes you don't want to leave. I always feel so welcomed and able to express myself openly. They have this vibrancy and light to them that is undeniable, and working with them energetically through reiki have been exactly what my mind, soul, and body have needed.
- Stan C.
I work with Cachelle to do both body work and energy work. She is such a beautiful soul, and her hands are complete magic. She has tailored private yin and restorative yoga coupled with reiki for me, and it has helped drastically improve my stress levels and physical aliments over time. She includes massage, aromatherapy, and crystal work into our treatments. You leave sessions with her feeling lighter, and in-tune with yourself. I highly recommend working with her!
- El
Every time I complete a session with Lynn I always feel so rejuvenated and rested, as if she knows actually what you need throughout the treatment. She beautifully weaves additions of sound and cleansing rituals into her treatments, really allowing me to drop into my body and heal on a whole other level. Her kind and caring personality really shows up in her work as she holds an incredible amount of space for you to heal.
- CL

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