About Collective Being

Collective Being started in 2016 as a passion project to make yoga and a variety of healing modalities accessible and affordable to the public,  with mindful movements and compassionate pricing (pay-what-you-can or sliding scale options) as the cornerstone to our work. We have collaborated with numerous institutions (such as The University of Toronto, Cambria Gallery, and Makeshift Collective) to bring this passionate pursuit to fruition. 

Continuing to grow and share the vast benefits of yoga and wellness practices, we have brought our offerings online. Whether in-person or virtually, we strive to create a welcoming and nurturing space so that individuals feel safe to express themselves and explore their bodies. Our hope is that we can provide you the tools and practices to elevate your health and wellbeing.

Cachelle Legada-Buenafe, Founder

Cachelle is a Reiki Master practitioner and a devoted yoga teacher with a specialized focus in prenatal and postnatal yoga. A student at heart, she is constantly studying and taking courses to deepen her practice and knowledge of the mind, body and soul. She has previously studied with her teachers J-P Tamblyn-Sabo and Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo at Ahimsa Yoga where she met, now one of her best friends and yoga partners, Lynn Loutfi. She was also one of Tasha Rooke’s first students to complete her Reiki Master certification. After hundreds of hours studying and training, Cachelle is also a certified prenatal and yin yoga teacher. Yoga and wellness is a continuous journey of self-discovery, so Cachelle’s next adventure awaits in Rishikesh, India where see will be completing another 500hr advanced yoga teacher training.

Cachelle is a gentle spirit who loves meeting new people, and is dedicated to sharing and creating unique experiences, while inspiring others to witness, discover, and explore their bodies through mindful movements. Suffering from depression and anxiety in late high school and into university, yoga and energy healing shifted her entire life. After experiencing the daily practice of yoga, and receiving her yoga teacher certification, she felt compelled to share the practices that have profoundly altered her being. Even after a decade later, yoga, meditation, reiki and other healing modalities have become a staple in her life. Her ambition is to promote and cultivate self-awareness and self-care through the practice of yoga asanas and meditation, while creating a safe and comfortable space for individuals. She is also a full-time mama, soulful creative, and graphic designer.

Lynn Loutfi, Cofounder

Lynn is a lifelong explorer of the medicines and joys of yoga, movement, meditation, sound, energy healing and the natural world. She simply wishes to share the gifts and teachings that she continues to receive, with hope that they positively impact people’s lives and relationships. Lynn aims to offer a supportive environment that is accessible to anyone, allowing one to experience a deeper sense of harmony and presence while delving into the depth and layers of self. Her creative and intelligent sequencing varies from organic and gentle expressions to strong and active movements, with clear cuing that speak to the body, mind, and soul. Through the therapeutic and transformational power of sound and heart songs, Lynn intends to invoke healing, empower others and guide them into their heart’s grace. She sees life as vibration and rhythm. Sound and movement. Music and dance. With breath as the thread that weaves it all together.
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